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Switzerland legalizes gay marriage
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Switzerland legalizes gay marriage

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The Swiss parliament by a majority vote legalized same-sex marriage in the country. "Marriage for all" in the country is supported by 64.1% of voters. Switzerland became the 30th country in the world to legalize gay marriage (the Netherlands was the first in 2001.)

Members of a committee of advocates for granting same-sex couples the right to marry celebrate their victory in Bern, September 26, 2021. Keystone / Peter Schneider

They have been fighting for the right to marry since 2013. In Switzerland, same-sex couples can now enter into a "registered partnership" that does not confer the same legal rights as marriage. For example, you cannot adopt a child or obtain citizenship.

The bill aims to empower members of the LGBTQ + community by also simplifying gender reassignment procedures and giving lesbian couples access to a sperm bank.

Switzerland is one of the last countries in Western Europe to allow same-sex marriage. Following France, same-sex marriage was legalized in Germany and Austria in 2017. In Italy, for same-sex couples, so far there is only the possibility of formalizing relations in the form of a registered partnership. This, however, does not give partners equal rights with spouses in matters of citizenship and adoption of children.


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